• Tired of your 8-minute doctor visits with a hurried doctor?
  • Frustrated with using your lunch breaks or Saturdays for doctor appointments?
  • Difficulty getting out of the house due to age or illness?

Central Coast House Calls can help.

Dr. Timothy H. Jones is dedicated to providing his patients with the care they deserve in their home. Personal access to the doctor is available on an as needed basis or a concierge agreement.

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is a revolutionary model of medical practice that puts the patients at the center of the healthcare experience. The doctor comes you your home in an unrushed, private setting. The visits take as long as the patient needs and address all concerns.

About Dr .Timothy H. Jones

Born in New Zealand, Dr. Jones immigrated to the US in 1962.  Growing in the San Francisco Bay area, he settled in Santa Barbara after attending University of California at Santa Barbara.  With a degree in Exercise Physiology, Dr. Jones continued his education at Ross University School of Medicine.  

He completed his residency in family medicine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a concentration in emergency medicine.  With more than 15 years of emergency medicine experience, a series of events draw him to the compassionate care of hospice medicine, where he found enjoyment in visiting patients in there homes and supporting the needs of their family members.  After repeated requests, Dr. Jones started Central Coast House Calls specializing in home visits for entire family. 

Convenient Personal Health Care

Central Coast House Calls

Relief is available

in the privacy of your home.

Don’t wait for an

emergent situation.

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Timothy H. Jones, MD

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